Boot scheme

Giving new life to old boots, trainers and shin pads within the club


If your house is anything like ours, it is home to numerous pairs of boots and trainers and other assorted football gear that no longer fits or is no longer used. Your footballers may have outgrown them, or simply don't need them anymore because they are the wrong design or wrong colour for this season.

Rather than throwing them out, you can recycle them within the club. We will take them and pass them on, for a small donation, to other Exmouth United families. The scheme helps in 3 ways: it recycles old stuff, helps save people money and supports the charitable status of the club.


How it works

Damian is managing the scheme and will be happy to receive any unwanted items. Alternatively you can hand them to your manager and they will pass them on.

To find out what boots, trainers and shin pads are currently available, or for more information, please contact Damian on 07583 579589 /

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